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Mission/Vision Statement

City Day Community School



The mission of the City Day Community School is to provide individualized education for our students, which is provided by our highly qualified teachers and trained professional staff, in a physically and emotionally safe environment. We embrace, equip, educate, and compel each student to take advantage of every opportunity to reach their goals and desires to improve their quality of life.   We support and encourage parent involvement. We effectively seek and use community partners to support higher student academic achievement.




City Day Community School is an environment dedicated to meeting the needs of our children through the delivery of a personalized academic program, so well that they are identified as extremely high academic achievers. We produce students, with the involvement of parents and community, so that they become productive members of society.


  About The School  

About City Day Community School

Conveniently located on Main Street
Conveniently located on Main Street

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“You DO have a choice!”


Having been founded in 1999, City Day is one of Dayton’s first community schools. We promote an integrity-based school operation that encourages educational excellence. Our top-notch academic programs, family-friendly service, and commitment to caring for each individual student make our school the best charter school in Dayton. We believe that the success of our students depends upon the collaborative efforts of our students, parents, teachers, and administrators--all of whom have high expectations for learning.  


Why your child should start at City Day Community School:

·        Average student-teacher ratio is 17:1

·        Students learn naturally through play, exploration, and experimentation

·        Lessons encourage students to ask questions and search for information

·        Students attend school more regularly

·        Students are engaged and motivated—civically and academically

·        Students are healthy—physically, emotionally, and mentally

·        Families are involved and supportive—of their children and their education

·        Schools, families, and community work together

·        Schools are safe—for students, parents, and school staff